Englewood Automotive

(541) 269-2323

We service and repair Ford, Lincoln, Mercury, General Motors, Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, and Asian imports.

The type of  service we perform is anything from a simple oil change to a major engine repair. Below is a list of our service.

  • We service brake systems,anti-lock brake systems,electric brake systems (minor and major)
  • We preform preventive maintenance, factory maintenance programs.
  • We diagnose major and minor electrical repairs including wiring repairs, circuit problems, and computer diagnostics.
  • Charging system and starting system repairs
  • Powertrain repairs (engine, transmissions, transfer cases, and drive axle repairs.)
  • Suspension systems (shocks and struts, air suspension systems )
  • Heating and AC systems
  • Cooling systems (belts, hoses, radiator, heater cores, coolant flushes and services)
  • Exhaust systems (Mufflers, tailpipes, exhaust manifolds, catalytic converters)
  • Fuel system repairs gas and diesels systems (filters pumps injection systems and fuel system cleanings)
  • Ignition systems (conventional and D.I.S. systems)
  • Drive ability problems
  • Front end and steering systems (ball joints, tie rods, steering linkage, rack and pinion systems)
  • All general repairs (major and minor)
  • We can service and maintain cars, light trucks and RVs (whether it is one car or a fleet of vehicles)