Englewood Automotive

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Hello, my name is Ken Morgan and I am the owner and manager here at Englewood Automotive. I have been in the automotive repair business for approximately 23 years and I have been the owner and manager here since I purchased the business in 2001 from my retiring boss, Harold Dean.

Here at Englewood Automotive we are committed to serving you. We are a Tech-Net automotive service facility. We are committed to providing professional, timely, and reasonably priced automotive repairs to our customers. We use only quality parts and we guaranty our work, we stand on sound business principles and uphold high ethical standards. We strive to provide you with a friendly and successful automotive repair experience and to complete your repair as quickly as is possible to get you back on the road again.

I would like to personally and on the behalf of my staff here, invite you to come see us or call us anytime to talk about any problems you are having with your vehicle or about any preventive maintenance your car may need to keep your vehicle in good working order. We will be more than happy to address your concerns.